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Pizza: Fun Facts

The word is all it takes to make you happy. Who doesn’t like pizza? At some point in your life or maybe now, pizza is your favorite food. Besides the fact that it is cheesy and a bite is enough to make your taste buds go crazy, pizza is customizable, highly portable, and available in almost all parts of the world. Carving a pizza? Order now from Double Pizza restaurant and taste a piece of heaven in your mouth. 

Here are some nutritional and fun facts about pizza that you ought to find interesting:

  • In the USA a person eats 46 slices of pizza a year, which sums up to 3 billion pizzas sold in the USA per year out of 5 million sold worldwide. 
  • The most popular pizza in the recent time in the USA is a 14-inch pizza.

Nutritional fact:

    • Total calories 272
    • Protein 12.7gm
    • Fiber 1.8gm
    • Fat 9.8gm
    • Selenium 45.8%
    • Riboflavin 39.8% 
    • Phosphorus 31.1%
    • Thiamin 29.2% 
    • Folate 24% 
    • Vitamin B-12 23.8% 
    • Niacin 21.1% 
    • Calcium 14% 
    • Zinc 12.8% 
    • Iron 12.2% 

If you want to convince parents to a pizza party you know what will work now.

Some More Facts

  • Among all the food delivery services in America pizza contributes more than 10%.
  • In America, people who consider pizza as a good breakfast option is 36%
  • The most expensive pizza in the world costs 12,000 USD, it has got ingredients from all around the world. Pink salt from Australia, lobster from Norway, etc.
  • Is pepperoni your favorite pizza topping? You are not the only one, pepperoni is considered the most popular topping.
  • Yuri Usachov, the Russian astronaut received a 6 inches pizza while he was in the orbit. The delivery cost a million dollars.
  • Cornicione is a word used to describe the outer edge of the pizza.
  • During World War II, the American soldiers who were in Italy during the war brought the recipe for pizza with them to America and started spreading the food. Though an Italian food, it was America that made pizza so popular.
  • In October 1984 Pizza Today magazine marked this month as World Pizza month.  
  • Pizza is a dish that can be customized as vegan and gluten-free.


Hope these facts will entertain you and increase your love for Pizza. Do not wait any longer and treat yourself to Pizza. not only it will satisfy you tummy but your soul too.