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The best ways to store and use cheese sauce when bought in bulk  

The practice of buying ingredients in bulk is common in the restaurant industry, and with good reason. You can save a lot of money by buying large quantities of pasta, spices, meat, oil, and sugar. But many people do not consider buying cheese sauce in bulk.

Most people believe that cheese sauce doesn’t have a long shelf life, so buying in bulk is not a good idea for them. However, Pure Dairy’s Anita cheese sauce – made with 100% Australian ingredients – has a shelf life of 240 days, making it one of the best options for restaurants looking for a long-lasting cheese sauce.

Putting cheese sauce into the freezer is a simple process, but there are a few things to consider before doing so. In general, cheeses with a higher fat content are more likely to freeze well, and cheeses with high-fat content like cheddar and parmesan are particularly suited for freezing.

Here, in this article, we suggest you some of the ways how you can defrost cheese sauce when bought in bulk:


The most natural way to preserve the freshness of any product is by freezing it. If you want to freeze it for later consumption, simply put it in your freezer. The low temperature prevents bacteria from growing, thus keeping the food fresh for longer.

When you are freezing cheese sauce, you will have to ensure that the temperature is kept steady at below 0 degrees. By doing this, you are also preventing this dish from becoming contaminated.

Portion Size Packaging

There is no doubt that freezing is essential, but how you freeze is equally important. If you have purchased cheese sauce in bulk, it is not recommended that you freeze it in bulk. Divide the cheese sauce into smaller portions according to how it will be used in your restaurant.

You should also consider how you use cheese sauce in order to determine the best portion sizes to use in the freezer, this way, you won’t have to defrost everything and freeze the unused cheese sauce again. Also, store your cheese sauce in an airtight container or double bag for better protection.

Place into clean containers

You should pour your cheese sauce into freezer-safe containers (Ziploc bags are fine too) and seal the containers tightly after determining the portion sizes. It makes it easier to portion it out, and you ensure that your packaging is sanitary before freezing, which is even more important.

Label and Date

As a final step, clearly label the sauce and note the date it was purchased. Store the containers in the freezer until you need them.

One last thing to note is that the shelf life of your cheese sauce greatly depends on its quality. If you purchase low-quality cheese sauce, it may not last as long no matter how hard you try.

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