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5 Tips to dine at a fine dining restaurant and leave a lasting impression

Dining out at some of the most recommended restaurants is an experience in itself. Just like a restaurant owner tries hard to leave an impression on the customer’s mind, some customers leave a lasting impression in the restaurant staff’s mind too. The staff remember a few customers so well that every time they pay a visit, the restaurant attends them especially with complete attention. 

Dining at the recommended restaurants like Riverside resto st henri needs some research and training. Once you are aware of the basics you can impress the people with your lifestyle and etiquette. Here are a few basics to follow and leave a classy impression on people to remember you.

5 Tips to dine at a fine dining restaurant and leave a lasting impression:

  • Dress to impress:

The first impression is the moment you enter the dining space. You must dress well and groom yourself to make the first impression on people’s mind as soon as you enter. There are restaurants that have dress codes to follow; unlike clubs, some restaurants expect the customers to be in formal wear. Learn in advance from their website or confirm from their customer care staff about the dress code, especially on special events. 

  • Be polite but confident:

Regardless of how impressive is your profession or how strong is your financial status, maintain a polite and grounded tone with the hotel staff. Have a confident voice when you converse with them. Being polite doesn’t mean that you act like an introvert and be over humble or kind. 

  • Talk to the staff:

Start a conversation with the staff to break the ice. You can ask for a menu and ask them to guide you in a few special dishes of the restaurant. Let them know your taste and preference so that they can suggest you the appropriate cuisine.

  • Leave a reward:

Although tipping is disregarded in some countries, you can always bless the staff with a thank you note and ask them to keep up the same spirit in their service. Just like one complaint is bad for business, a compliment can make them work harder and wholeheartedly.

  • Appreciate the staff:

Always appreciate the staff and thank them for every kind gesture they make. Even if certain gestures are a part of their customer service, you must know how much you appreciate their willingness to do it so well.